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Quality Assurance

The opportunity to capture efficacy is lost where standard levels of senstivity are adopted and many sample marker values are unnecessarily recorded as 'below level of detection'.


Many markers, especially those initiating and driving physiological activity exist at low levels. Measurements of efficacy through measurement of low abundance markers rely on study power and therefore capture of sample data. Capture of sample data relies directly on assay sensitivity.

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Why High Sensitivity Immunoassay is necessary

Unique Assay Technology - Increased Sensitivity

Through R&D Aeirtec have generated a unique patent pending high sensitivity  multiplex immunoassay system-


Average lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) of 25 markers measured simultaneously in an Aeirtec multiplex :

                     97 femtogram/ml  


Examples of measurements of common markers through this system are provided in the following link:



Multiplexing for capture of efficacy

Multiplex marker measurement provides a highly efficient use of sample by provision of a range of marker measurement within a single assay (typically 10-50 markers).  Multiplex measurement of a range of markers increases the probability of revealing efficacy within a marker group. Multiplexing also provides the opportunity to integrate a group of marker measurements through biostatistics into  marker group 'profile values' that are more powerful than individual markers in demonstrating efficacy.