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Multiplexing and Biostatistics Synergy

  Increased Efficacy and Mechanism Detection

                with Biostatistical Integration

                     of Multiplexed Markers



The modular options within biomarker strategy at Aeirtec, incorporating (1) assay design, (2) measurement and (3) biostatistical analysis, enables Aeirtec to provide a streamlined activity  encapsulating marker panel construction, assay conduct and data interpretation.  Where studies have other indices in addition to soluble markers, such as expression, cell surface marker, pathological or physiological/clinical indices such as treatment response, a secondary level of bioinformatics can be conducted at Aeirtec to investigate the relationships between multiplexed assay data and these other indices derived within a study.





The power of symptom measurement in deriving information in clinical studies is greatly enhanced when those symptoms are combined or integrated  into a 'symptom score'. Hence symptom scores are often used in clincial stuies as an index of treatment-related differences where examination of single symptoms in isolation provides highly variable data. Similarly, the power of soluble markers to reveal  group differences is greatly enhanced when the data from a range of markers is integrated into a single 'integrated marker index'. This extends the power of multiplex measurement from being a far more efficient method for obtaining marker data to one of greater power derived from integration of the multiplexed marker data. 



Bioinformatics for Data Interpretation

The Synergies of Multiplexing and Biostatistics