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Company number: 4914201

Efficacy Mechanism Confirmation with  

patented high sensitivity multiplexing technology 


Aeirtec provides a modular activity targeting confirmation of efficacy mechanism.


(1) Unique  high sensitivity multiplex biomarker measurement (patents issued and filed)


(2) Custom marker panel design and assay validation


(3) Data integration and interpretation through multivariate statistics


The activity is conducted according to the principles of GLP and ISO 17025:2005 compliance in conjunction with internal and external independent Quality Assurance.

Aeirtec is a CRO focused on provision of a unique high sensitivity marker assay technology in clinical studies

The panel assays are validated prior to study sample analysis. Each marker assay  conducted on samples is accompanied by measurements of lower and upper limits of quantification (LLOQ and ULOQ) conducted at the time of sample analysis.