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Company number: 4914201

 Efficacy and Mechanism Demonstration with Unique  

  Patented High Sensitivity Multiplexing Technology      

The activity is conducted according to the principles of GLP and ISO 17025:2005 compliance in conjunction with internal and external independent Quality Assurance.

Aeirtec provides unique patented high sensitivity multiplexed marker assay technology (femtogram/ml) in a wide range of clinical studies including now COVID-19 cytokine storm. This is delivered within a modular way of working, with either pre-determined marker panels, or Aeirtec custom-made panels from our advise on design, according to the clinical condition. Data delivered can then be analysed by us through a range of multivariate bioinformatic analyses to amplify mechanism discovery and therapeutic efficacy.

The panel assays are validated prior to sample analysis. Each marker assay of samples is accompanied by measurements of lower and upper limits of quantification (LLOQ and ULOQ) derived from calibration curves conducted, crucially, at the time of sample analysis.

High sensitivity assay technology