High Sensitivity Multiplexing & Biomarker Integration


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High Sensitivity in Multiplex ELISA and study power

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Aeirtec provides a modular integrated service of (1) high sensitivity multiplex ELISA biomarker measurement, (2) custom marker panel design and (3) data interpretation through biostatistics. This service is conducted according to the principles of GLP and ISO 17025:2005 compliance in conjunction with internal and external independent Quality Assurance

Aeirtec – A speciality Multiplex ELISA Service Company Providing High Sensitivity Immunoassay


Custom Marker Panels In ELISA Multiplex Service


As an option in the Integrated Multiplex ELISA Service we advise on the design, or entirely design multiplex panels for studies across a range of diseases.  


Using commercially available and validated antibodies we also generate assays for novel proteins or peptides for incorporation into multiplex panel construction and validation. Therefore, markers from a range of different physiological systems can be brought together within the same multiplex panel.  

Data Interpretation Through Biostatistics

Aeirtec has focused development on generation of the highest sensitivity customised multiplex ELISA biomarker service activity available. This high sensitivity measurement avoids the common problem of  ‘below level of detection’  in study data.  Ensuring capture of biomarker data maintains study power calculated at study design. Aeirtec has developed and incorporated proprietary unique multiplex assay technology in our Multiplex ELISA service to achieve this goal.


With the incorporation of such high sensitivity, multiplexing is still the most cost efficient immunoassay route for even low numbers of markers within samples and remains a cheaper option than single ELISA kit assay. 

We apply biostatistics to multiplex ELISA data. As an example, multivariate analysis-guided hierarchical classification analysis is conducted to monitor marker group activity as integrated constellations.


This statisitical integration to produce marker patterns reveals the greater power of integrated marker groups in measurement of efficacy, disease stratification, diagnostics and prediction and characterisation of biological states and events.

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